Looking for help IDing 2 girls

Hello! A couple of pickups that I’m not 100% sure on so I figured I would throw it up to the community!

First is what was described as a Lesser Satin Black Pastel +?
The owner said that he couldn’t remember the other gene. She’s a bit different in color from the Lesser Black Pastels, so I’m thinking Satin is right, But I’m not familiar with the gene and still not sure what that extra might be and if that’s throwing me off?
Second is a Banana poss het pied female. Both the owner and I though t her colors were a bit more intense than other bananas we’d seen so I was thinking possibly fire or is that the het pied influence? Another headscratcher for me. She’s not quite breeding size, so this should be most of her adult color. She still has some nice oranges coming through.

Any advice is appreciated~


Banana for the second, the het pied would need to be proven out.

I can’t speak to the satin gene.