Looking for help with Ball Python Hatchling Identification

Hey I’m looking for some help identifying my babies! The pairing was a Pastel Enchi Banana Clown male, to a (supposedly) Spotnose Mystic Potion! And just as a little heads up, there are some babies in this post with shark jaw, and eyes that were not formed, but I still would like them identified so that I can learn from their patterns. <3

Baby 1

Baby 2

Baby 3

Baby 4

Baby 5 (This offspring has no eyes, and an almost alligator like top jaw)

Baby 6 (Missing an eye that never formed + shark jaw)

Baby 7 (Shark jaw)


Looks to me like you have:

  1. Banana mystic
  2. pastel mojave/mystic (leaning toward mystic)
  3. Spotnose pastel mojave/mystic
  4. Pastel mojave/mystic
  5. Banana mojave
  6. Spotnose mojave/mystic
  7. Spotnose pastel mojave/mystic

I’ll fully admit I breed mojave only and am not well-versed in the subtle differences between the two genes. I’m fairly confident in the one banana mojave vs. banana mystic, but the others I’m definitely not sure.

Someone else might be able to correct me, but I don’t see enchi in any of these hatchlings. Could be you got bad odds, or your male isn’t enchi. Enchi and mojave have a very easy-to-identify visual color/pattern, and mystic is similar enough I would expect to see something similar as well. I’m not seeing that interaction here.

For reference, this is my holdback pastel mojave enchi from last season.


Sorry about the eyes… I just hatched two of my own both with one eye each and one with cleft top lip