Looking for info on identifying

Hey Everyone,

I recently purchased a new baby and also rescued 2 adults. Neither of the 3 came with info regarding the morphs of the parents so I am hoping someone could shed some insight on what I might have.

Any help is extremely appreciated.

Thank you in advance!!!

Leo # 1

Leo #2

Leo #3


Welcome to the community! The first is a hypo, the second is a normal, and the third I have no clue :joy: hope someone else can help with that one lol. They all are amazing


Thank you! I was thinking the same for the first two as well but wanted some reassurance as I am just getting into Leo’s more.


Welcome to the community @andyvr Andy! You have some real cuties there! There are lots of people here who can help you with your morph questions! It’s great to have you here! :blush:

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