Looking for opinions on bh

Got this little girl as a mojo yb het gstripe

Pairing was g stripe x pastel mojo yb bh.

Bh or no… looks really dark for a mojo yb and seems to be lacking the headstamp that I have seen on them.

Another photo with a better view of the head , however my room light really washes her out so her color is like the first photo.

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If you google pictures of a Blackhead Mojave, you will see that they look pretty different from this girl.

I agree… thats why I am thinking she has bh.

I think you misunderstood my post. I was saying that she does not look like a Blackhead to me.

oh opps lol yeah I did… BUT she does look very similar some of the ones on mm with the yellowbelly. But I’m curious what photos your seeing because even when I look up mojo bh on mm she looks similar. Same keyholes, no head stamp, bright dorsal, the black shadowing whereas the mojo yb have a distinctive head stamp this girl doesn’t have.