Looking for rat breeder to buy from in/near Cottonwood AZ

I’m moving to Cottonwood, Arizona in a few days and looking for anyone that can sell me rats in the area. She’s growing (only a year) so I’d prefer buying a few (6-12) at a time rather than going to a convention once a year and stocking up just to keep up with her growing. I rather avoid shipping rats to the house as well as it becomes very pricey for shipping. If anyone even knows a pet store I can buy frozen rats or has a buddy in town please let me know! I’ve been feeding her frozen from a friend who breeds both ball pythons and his own rats and felt this way helped me a lot and also eased any concerns I had with my python as he guided me and helped me a lot being a new owner.

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Congrats on the move! We lived in AZ for the last decade but moved at the end of last year. If you have Facebook I would check the Arizona Ball Python Breeders group. There may be a some folks out that way that breed rodents on there but the further you go from Phoenix the less and less easy it is to find feeders

Hey, I was just thinking about your post when I saw someone post this on Facebook. Not sure if you’ve already found a source for feeders, but maybe you could reach out to this person?

And a link to the post if you have Facebook:

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