Looking for recommendations for cornsnakes and hognose

I’m Rosie,

Have Corns, Hognose, Pallas lizards and a tegu.

I trying to get into doing this as a business. I’ve bred both Corns and Hognose before, and I am looking for recommendations on where to buy cornsnakes and hognose

Incidentally I have had tegu since 2014 and assumed male - right size, shape, jowls etc - until this year she laid 40 odd eggs… Anyone have any ideas?


Hi Rosie :blush::wave:
Welcome to the community.
I’m from Manchester, it’s nice to see we are getting a few more UK members lately.

Here on the forum we can’t recommend breeders or make any “in search of” type of posts.

However you can find local breeders using the Morphmap and also use the “nearby” filter when searching through the marketplace.

Now it’s time for you to pay up the picture tax…:crazy_face:
Show us your reptile :blush:

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Umm, I have 17- which one do you want?

4 Hognose
1 Tegu (male looking who decided to lay 2 clutches of eggs this year)
2 Pallas Glass Lizards
And various corns - including 2 new scaleless and a home bred masque snow stripe something.

Not very good with photos - hands shake too much. The tegu, the odd lil baby from this year and the ones from this year - I find baby corns happier if they can stay together in a big snake pile.



I’m not really looking for specific breeders just if anything out there, but guess will just have to hope that feelers I’ve put out will come up with something.
I’d love to breed Prisca but not really a thing to do in a one bedroom flat - 42 odd eggs and then the same number of little nutters to feed separately :flushed: and I’ve been warning bitten a couple of times - it’s not a joke.

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I think male tegus have huge round jowls, much bigger than your girl ( I have a female hybred tegu, she also has the small jowls.)
I think searching on morphmarket is a good place to see a lot of snakes and breeders. You can tell a lot about a breeder by how professional his pictures and store terms have been done. Good luck.