Looking for rubber boas

Any hints?

I thought BHB had them but no luck there. These are always kind of tricky to find but normally I can hunt down one. :frowning:

Here is a link to someone that sales them. They probably don’t have any right now, but it at least will give you someone that does.

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I found this and wrote it off. Their website is dead and they have no recent posts.

Do you know them?

No, but their most recent post isn’t that long ago. October of last year, which would have been the last time they had hatchling rubber boas. They probably won’t have more until around that time again. But it shows they were breeding last season. I would try contacting them if I were you, to see when they might have more babies. If they won’t have any this season, then I am sure they could point you to someone that might.

Hit them up via Facebook. Auto responder:

Thanks for messaging us. Unfortunately, we are currently sold out until fall 2020. Our prices adjust yearly. 2020 prices will be $300 shipped to anywhere in the continental U.S. This is an automatic response. If we didn’t answer your question, we will soon. God bless!


Yep, that is gonna be the case for most places since watching/birthing season is over. Rubber boas are pretty rare captive bred so they won’t be the cheapest.

This is going to end up in that “Deal’s you missed” thread (or whatever it was called).

I swear I used to be able to find rubber boas. They weren’t exactly common but they weren’t impossible. To add insult to injury I was offered an older breeding pair for $200 a few years ago and, at the time, thought “What am I going to do with those derpy things?”

RIP me.

The question is, was the breeding pair wild caught? Since they are native to the U.S. they tend to be wild caught when you find adults.

That’s a pretty fair point. I have no idea. I didn’t dig much into it.

I haven’t looked into the laws for these animals in their areas. I assume they’re like most other local species laws in most states: locals can’t actually breed them. There’s also usually a wild-take restriction in place.

I would assume they were not wild caught but they could’ve been poached. Who knows. :woman_shrugging:


Given the strong restrictions on them in every state they are native to, pretty much every rubbers you will find, including adults, are captive bred.

@asura, I would suggest you join the rubber boa FB group, there are not a ton of keepers out there but there is a pretty decent community and available animals tend to pop up there before they get out to the hobby at large. Even then, they are not hugely available because litters are on the small side and the babies can be difficult to get started.

I know of one fairly well-known breeder that offers them but you have to get on their waiting list. I will also caveat that I was on their waiting list for three years and never contacted but each of those years they were selling babies at the Daytona show… So they have a slight credibility issue with me and I will not recommend them and I only bring them up in the event that you find yourself in a similar situation.

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