Loony Bin Boas & Brutes

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From the mesmerizing beauty of Boa morphs (BCI) to the charming allure of Gargoyle Geckos, our love for these extraordinary animals knows no bounds. With each species, we’ve cultivated a deep understanding and reverence, creating a sanctuary where they thrive under our attentive care.

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After a brief hiatus, we’re back and more dedicated than ever to our beloved Boas! Our breeding program is undergoing a thrilling revitalization, with new additions and projects in the works. It’s an exhilarating time, and we can’t wait to share the journey with you!

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Randy & Bre
Loony Bin Boas & Brutes

Add images here

Aurora (Albino (Kahl) Leopard)

Adonis (Hypo Jungle)

Athena (Normal (poss Het Albino (Kahl))

Aphrodite (Pastel)

Astraeus (Sunglow Motley)

Newest addition unsexed/unnamed
Ares (Jungle Motley het Albino Het Blood)


Welcome! We would love to see some of your animals! Just remember that you aren’t legally allowed to not show us some pictures :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We have added pictures of most of them and will add more.


Welcome! Your animals are beeyouteefull! :heart_eyes:


Hi Randy and Bre,

Nice group of boa’s you have there.

Do you have any better pictures of Adonis? And a few side pictures of him?

Also, do you know what the parents of Aphrodite are? She doesn’t look hypo or jungle to me. I would say she is a light colored pastel boa. Also, I do love her name. One of my favorite boas I own is named Aphrodite.


I sent a PM but for others we will definitely get some better pictures. We are still putting together our reptile room as we just moved into our new home.


First four (4) pictures are Astraeus (ft Zeus our American Pit Bull Terrier) and the last 2 are of Aphrodite. More pictures to come.

Thank you @tommccarthy for your wisdom and help identifying Aphrodite.

We will be updating with more pictures to come as we are adjusting to a new home and still setting up everything and getting everyone to include our three (3) human boys situated as well as building a farm. It is a hectic time but we want to thank everyone that has shown support thus far and we look forward to showing off everything we do here.


Zeus is a cutie!


Our most recent acquisition is Artemis a female Albino (k) Het blood that will be paired with Ares our Motley (Columbian) Jungle het blood het albino (k). Hopefully with some luck both hets prove out and we are able to produce some beautiful Motley dragons.


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