Lost Snek Musings

Last night, I was careless in leaving the top open on our common garter’s enclosure while I cleaned the poop out of his water dish. He’s such a scaredy-cat & just curls up under his rock cave every time I open the top. I guess I got too comfortable with that behavior. Today, I realized I hadn’t seen him basking as usual, so I checked. No Mr. Stripey, anywhere. OH NO! I completely tore apart every drawer, moved every piece of furniture in that room, demolished the book shelf…nothing. Oh no! WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO TO SAVE THE POOR BABY FROM DEHYDRATION AND HUNGER?!? HOW WOULD HE FINISH DIGESTING HIS MEAL I GAVE HIM ON THURSDAY WITHOUT HIS HEAT SOURCE?!? WHAT WAS I GOING TO TELL MY BABY GIRL, WHO LOVES HER SNAKES LIKE YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE?!? After re-assembling the room and trying to think on what to do next, it occurred to my exhausted, worried brain that I did neglect to check on top of the corner shelf adjacent to his tank stand (I did look under, behind,& had removed and replaced all its contents, though). It’s a tall shelf, it seemed highly unlikely, but there he was, all curled up & relaxed. He let me pick him up, with no hesitation… I think maybe guppies would have been a good compromise when my baby girl started begging for a pet snake. An hour after he was safely returned to his enclosure, I checked on him. He, once again, pooped in his water dish :joy::rofl::joy: