Louisiana license fees - April 26, 2021

Louisiana House Bill 691 includes price increases for certain licenses issued by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries regarding activities with native reptiles and amphibians. You can find the changes on pages 36-38 of the bill (link below).

reptile and amphibian collector’s license: resident $25 to $50 and nonresident $200-$400

reptile and amphibian wholesale/retail dealer’s license: resident $105 to $220 and nonresident $400 to $800 (nonresident 3-day $75 to $150)

reptile and amphibian transport license: resident $30 to $65 and nonresident $120 to $250

HB691 information page: HB691

HB691 bill text: https://legis.la.gov/legis/ViewDocument.aspx?d=1216114

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Eagle, I do have a question regarding the louisiana licensure.

Im in the process of launching a new business with the initial focus on ball pythons and then later branching into some of the geckos and so forth.

As I understand it, you only have to obtain a license through the state if its native species youre dabbling in. I just wanted to check with someone more knowledgeable to make sure that understanding is correct, or if I will be needing to contact the state to keep/breed ball pythons and feeder rats. Thanks for any info you may have. @eaglereptiles


I wish i could help more but I’m in the UK, so I feel like it would be wrong for me to attempt to answer this and give you the wrong information.

I will do some digging and see if I can give you a definite answer but hopefully someone else can help beforehand

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Ahh,thanks for the input. I was actually going to call the state department in a few days anyway so Ill just get it straight from them. Thanks again.

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Please be sure to let us know what they say!

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Eons later,I finally get a call back from the state office.

So according to a conversation recently had with the state licensing rep she says that no license is needed to breed/sell ball pythons in Louisiana. Its only required for native species as well as beyond certain sizes and venomous,neither of which Im interested in. I started to think Id never hear back from them but they finally came through.