Love her tail color

Here is one of my keeper’s form this year. Love her tail color. She is a hypo het albino. Dad was a Sunglow Motley Jungle and mom was a Northern Brazilian BCC.


Great color and the tail IS awesome! I’d have kept her too!!

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Lol I would take her too :heart:
The tail is really something, I don’t think it’s going to be dull out with age.

I hope her tail color stays into adulthood to lumpy. I know everyone is into the dwarf boas but I don’t like small boas so I am trying to make big boas with lots of nice colors and patterns. This is just a hobby for me so I only make what I like.

Take care


You are not alone @tommccarthy ! I want big Boas with intense color. Big powerful, and colorful snakes have always caught my interest. I want to like looking at what I’m keeping but I also want it to be big. :crazy_face: