Love these ARS racks!

I’m loving these racks from ARS. I have both the 20 and 40 count 50 series!


ARS are my favorite racks too. My Animal Plastics ones are great for babies though!


@ballpythons9 as far as the baby racks, me and my brother found a hatching rack for a great deal! We can fit like 60 something babies! Not bad tho.


They are fantastic. Pricey overall because there are a lot of units but I’ve done the “per unit” cost comparison with a couple of the other main ones out there and ARS is actually lower than the others I compared. Time to save up :stuck_out_tongue:

Historically prices for decent racking have always been utterly ridiculous!!! By now prices are so far out out reach or context, that the only word to describe them is: ridiculous. Obviously Racks like ARS or Freedombreeder will have profit margins that reflect the money the big breeders made by selling animals 10 years ago.

$40-$80 per unit depending on baby, juvenile, or adult size. Obviously going to take you a few years to make that back but I think in the long run I’d rather have something top quality than mess with something a buddy made on a weekend while crushing a case of beer lol.
I’m not planning on being in profit my first 2 or so breeding seasons anyway.

Prices for goods and services are usually what the market dictates. People don’t like going out of business :slight_smile:

I keep my large constrictors in ARS racks, and I’m very pleased with them. All of my smaller stuff is in AP, RB or C-Serpents, which cost much less.