Loves ASF scent

So i used tongs to feed ASFs to my snakes, i then used these tongs to test if the leos im fostering would eat dried insects. The first one immediately recognized the dried locust as food, the other was on those tongs like they were catnip flicking his tongue like a madman but completely ignoring the locust, just kept licking the tongues. The ASF scent was definitely all over them, while i cant imagine dried insects having much smell.

Since leos are insectivors and dont handle meat well, why would it have been so attracted to the scent? It looked 100% ready to devour the tongs if it thought they were edible.


Try washing the tongs with soap and water before feeding your geckos. Or use a different pair of tongs.

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It waa more of a curiosity than a problem haha, im sure removing the scent would remove the distraction, i was more just surprised to see such a reaction from a normally shy gecko.


I think they’d eat one haha. Infact I know. Have you ever given a pinky (mouse, so tiny) to one of them? I know a few people who’ve given them as a ‘treat’. And not often at all I will say! Very fatty I’m sure :joy:

My fat tails go would 100% take a pinky. I’ve not tried it yet but I am going to.

They were all hiding in the viv once, I opened the viv to check on them and had a rat in a tub near the front. Grandpa appeared from nowhere and tried to grab it :joy:


Haha, i can imagine they may opportunistically eat meat if given the chance, i just dont like how hard it would be for them to digest, but with full adult size, i bet they could nom a pinky. I dont wanna rock the boat and try it though, but it was definitely interesting to see how crazy he went licking the tongs trying to get a taste / smell haha


I made the terrible mistake of regularly feeding pinkies to my geckos for awhile (this was many years ago) and many of them developed xanthomatosis from too high a fat content. Three died from cerebral xanthomatosis, and at least 2 developed other forms. So I would definitely avoid pinkies, I won’t feed them for any reason.

I only feed my leos from tongs, and there are lots of ways to make things more appetizing. Rub the preferred prey insect all over the outside of what you’re trying to convince them to eat. In a pinch you can crush waxies and rub them sparingly on the outside of the novel prey item initially. Also warming a bit (in your hand, not the microwave- too dangerous), making it wet/adding a bit of water, mushing the whole new prey item into a paste and covering the old, preferred prey with it for awhile, or even mixing up a tiny bit of Grub Pie in a liquid slurry (not cooked) and dribbling it in the novel prey item.

I’m still working on my ‘experiment,’ but thus far I have been feeding my leos mostly cooked slices/cubes of Grub Pie for almost a year. I thought it was going to be a really expensive experiment, but it’s been cheaper than buying live silkies/horns. It’s been weird not feeding live prey, but I’ve noticed the Grub Pie is a lot easier on my elderly and special needs geckos.

Fair, i was only experminenting with tong feeding because my sister who had them prior insisted they ignored all food that wasn’t crickets so i had to test with the least favorite prey of lizard - dry insects. One took right to it, the other wanted the tongs haha either way, their prey drive was very high so i doubt there will be an issue if i switch them to dubias ( easier to maintain and less injury risk to animal. Ive heard crickets can bite if left in with the geckos)