Lucifer morph?

I recently got a pet BP but she’s a Pastel Lucifer and for the life of me I can’t figure out what the Lucifer gene does or changes? Is it the dark line under the eyes? I’ve seen that on tons of BPs not with the Lucifer gene. Anyhoo any insight is appreciated. She will probably never be bred but this stuff is good to know. Thank you!


Welcome to the community! It’s a dominant lightening gene that works like fire or vanilla. But since it’s a dominant gene and not an incomplete dominant gene there is no super form.


Thank you, what an odd little gene. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Super is a BlkEL. Same complex as fire and vanilla. I haven’t seen anything that doesn’t suggest it’s just a rebranded lemonback.

Lucifer is a nerd gene I’ve never seen a super it’s listed as a dominant.

Yeah nerd gene. Without a doubt inc-dom. it’s a clean white snake with black eyes. Same with Lucifer fire. From everything I’ve seen it acts just like lemonback, with the really clean supers.

I just looked, mm has it as inc-dom, where ya looking?

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Well on world of ball pythons it’s listed as dominant with no super. I’ve never heard of a super but I really haven’t looked into the gene recently either lol.

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Yeah theyre not the best source for accuracy now a days. They got lots of pictures tho.

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