Macro Shot of Dragon Snake Scales

Alduin showing off his fascinating scalation. Everything about Dragon Snakes (Xenodermus javanicus) is so interesting! Such amazing and unique animals.


I want I want I want. But I cant yet.

This reminds me of when you could only get wild caught mandarins rat snakes and melandorphi.
So tempting and wonderful, but none would survive long in captivity back then. Some said the organs were harvested for chinese medicine, I think they were to heavily paritisised and we didn’t yet have enough information about their husbandry needs. I did get some gravid females who survived long enough to lay and where the hatchlings survived though.

It would be wonderful if we learned enough about Dragon snakes so they could make the transitions into captive as the above rat snakes did.

Have you had any success so far ?


Man, dragon snakes are so cool! Their needs are unquestionably more than I would be able to provide, but I love appreciating them in other people’s care!
:heart_eyes: :dragon:


Creaturesofnightshade has an amazing thread on the care of these beautiful snakes…Its very interesting I think you should give it a read.


Hey Creature…How many years out do you think it will take for us to finally see these in collections alot more?


Thanks, I did read it, But there is too much for me to take in, in one go. its the kind of thread I need to keep going back to and study.

I don’t know much about whats right in forums, but I wish the tag ‘informational’ was also a category.
It would be good if quality informational threads were in your face like categories are.
I like to study


You can use the #informational tag and search for them. You can also set alerts so you get notified if a topic with that tag is posted.
These snakes are awesome, I love how their scales and body shape look. Someday I will try to get some of these.


Thank for the tip. I will do so.

Me too. for me they are my number one ambition.
They remind me of eastern mythological dragons. The only thing better than a snake for me is a dragon


I’m actually fine tuning the barometric parameters for what I’m calling the “breeding chamber”, which is a separate enclosure that will have precise environmental conditions to simulate their breeding season.

I’m working on putting together a device that will allow me to control and adjust the barometric pressure as you would with, say, the temperature on a proportional thermostat. Guess taking robotics in high school eventually paid off LOL

Anyhow, progress is a little delayed as I’m studying to become a falconer and have my falconry exam in a couple weeks, so most of my time at the moment is dedicated towards studying. I’m also giving my females a little more time to put on just a bit more weight because as with all species I breed, I am extra cautious in ensuring they are in optimal condition before putting their body’s through the strenuous labor of breeding. :slightly_smiling_face:


That sounds cool, how do you change the barometric pressure while allowing ventilation?


Two separate ducts; the larger of the two will create the negative pressure needed to simulate their breeding season, and another smaller one that will steadily supply air from the outside in. The entire chamber (and the ducts) will be sealed so the entire chamber is air-tight, that way I am able to have complete control over the air flow. I am also installing a fan to provide air circulation, definitely don’t want any stagnate air. I’ll post photos once it’s finished!


I’ve always wondered if something like this was possible. Of course, anything is possible if the right person with the right skillset puts their mind to it, but is it really something feasible to the average person


That is so awesome. Creatures, you are very smart and talented. I hope someday the dragon snakes can be purchased captive bred along with the specialized environment they need to thrive. Have you ever thought of making “kits” to help people better care for hard to keep species. Maybe you can patten your breeding chamber once you finish it.


Would love to see some type of build log when it’s said and done. I’m curious to see what kind of mechanism you come up with to dynamically control the pressure, especially considering external pressure systems.

Also, sealing everything 100% sounds like a nightmare. Good luck!


I love this species so much!!


I Guess the mechanics is air in air out controle. if not what is it? But how is it regulated/controlled?.
Is there a stat for that or would you have to make some kind of pressure-stat. ?

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