Macrothele Sp

Here is my female Macrothele Sp. ( funnel web ).

I just have her temporarily housed in a plastic tub as i build her enclosure. I might go semi bioactive with this build. She is a pretty awesome spider im excited to be keeping her. At the very least im going to use my organic potting soil, leaf litter spaghum moss mixture and drainage layer to maintain the humidity.


Super jealous! Thats on my get list for sure.


They are amazing spiders i can’t wait til she gets established in her new enclosure im looking forward to seeing that iconic signature funnel web :heart:


She’s beautiful! I seem to recall that you’ve been talking about getting a funnel web for a while, that’s so awesome that you finally have her!

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Omg yes! She was so hard to find. I have about 6 sources tapped for my inverts, some of them really pull through for me when im looking for a specific animal. I guess patience and persistence pays off.