Made my haby Buthacus Leptochelys Nitzani a new hide

You can’t see her hidden in her new driftwood hide i made with 2 pieces of driftwood, trust me she’s hiding in there. I have to assume she loves it because if she isnt basking then she is safe and secure in her hide. 2 pieces fit together really well to make a lil cave only accessible from underneath. She dug out her own access tunnel, i didn’t do that for her. I don’t know if its obvious jk that i really love my animals and try to give them the best i can, from caves to pillow forts for my kitty. I know some people say that im attributing human emotions to my animals, i believe every living creature on earth has feelings. I know she is happy because she feels safe, no stress and she eats also she has a healthy plumpness to her body, limbs and tail. I will do whatever it takes to care for my babies.

I know arachnids are not everyone’s thing, i get that but hopefully my posts help maybe changes some feelings about these wonderful animals.