Magical "Rainbow" Snake

Xenopeltis unicolor, from the monotypical genus Xenopeltidae, has an iridescence unlike and other!

Take a look at those beautiful scales!

Like magic.


Very nice. Always admired them and the mud snake.


Agreed! I love both species in the Farancia genus. Beautiful snakes.


Me too. Do know of anyone thats had success keeping them?

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Despite their reputation, they’re relatively easy to keep, even for a wild caught import. They’re rather hardy snakes. Myself along with many others have had success in keeping them for a while, but the issue is breeding them; that’s why you never see many captive bred hatchlings. I’ve not made any attempts to breed just yet as mine have just reached a size I’m comfortable with for breeding, but there seems to be a bit of mystery to doing so. I have a few hypotheses on how to approach breeding attempts that I’ll test in time. I’d love for others to be able to observe this species without the troubles wild caught imports can bring.

I love their iridescense. So pretty :heart_eyes:

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I would love to have a cb someday. Really not into imports at the moment. I feel like I don’t have the time required for them. Do you treat them your self your do you use a vet?

I have my herp vet prescribe the medication necessary via Telemedicine (online) and I administer it at home. All WC imports are treated for internal parasites and bacterial infections within a week upon arrival. Fecals are sent in during this time as well for additional testing in the event there are other ailments that require a different method of treatment. I never take them directly to the vet unless absolutely necessary (such as for a surgical procedure or X-rays). Rushed trips to the vet are incredibly stressful on all snakes, but especially WC imports. This is where experience comes into play. It is crucial to know if and when your snake is exhibiting signs and symptoms of certain illnesses and whether said illness needs an in-person emergency medical evaluation or if and how you can treat it without rushing to the vet. I keep on hand most of the medications I need for treating your more “typical” illnesses (scale/mouth rot, RI, subcutaneous bacterial infections, parasites etc). I have them at all times, ready to go if I need them. That is an extremely helpful component in assuring the survival of my WC imports.

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