Majestic, Living Art: Most Beautiful Reptiles?

What reptile do you consider to one of the most beautiful examples of “living art”? Our Dragon Snakes never cease to take my breath away every time I get the opportunity to admire them!


There will likely be a ton of replies of ball python morphs, so I’m only considering the wild type color variation. For me it would probably be a snake in the Drymarchon genus, like an eastern indigo or black-tailed cribo. But some of the hot snakes (like eyelash vipers or a monocled cobra) are also very impressive. And to add a lizard into this, crocodile skinks are very impressive and I would consider them living art.


Maybe because we dont handle her, but our crimson day gecko is stunning to me. Not just her coloration, but the intelligence in her eyes.


Oh gosh…would it be a cop-out to say “all of them”?

I mean, blood pythons are probably my favourite species of snake, if you forced me to pick a single favourite. I’m continually blown away by the beauty of my normal blood python girl. The yellows and reds and oranges accented with black and silver is just really stunning to me. And I love the heads and eyes of blood pythons. I admired pictures of them for years before finally getting one of my own, and getting to see one in person every day is such a privilege.

I also think my normal Kenyan sand boa girl is really beautiful. She’s not even really a “high-quality” normal, if I’m being honest, but the fact that even a “low quality” wild-type is still so vibrant and gorgeous speaks to how beautiful the species is. Sand boas also have a definite “cuteness factor” going for them, with their adorable little derpy faces.

Granted, I’m a little biased in favour of those species because those girls are my babies and I love them, but for what it’s worth, I thought they were beautiful species even before I kept them myself.

Outside of species I have myself, I think gaboon vipers are stunningly beautiful. I have no desire to ever keep hots myself, but I love looking at pictures and videos of gaboons. Definitely my favourite venomous snake. Their colours and sort of geometric pattern, combined with their huge heads and unique eyes really speak to me.

Reticulated pythons are another species I never get tired of looking at. The pattern and colour even of the wild type is just so stunning. The iridescence they have just adds to their appeal. I hope to have one myself one day.


I find the wild type Okeetee locality and other higher red cornsnake types to be just stunning.

Jeweled Lacertas and Emerald Tree Skinks and Fire Skinks blow my mind.

And I am biased, but the Black African House Snake is a little jewel- fired up to pitch black, with unearthly blue light shining over every curve, it’s one of the most beautiful animals I have ever seen in my life.