Making each meal more efficient

So I’ve talked about this on the podcast(s) a lot over the years but wanted to share an older video re-uploaded to the channel within the last year or so. It talks about scoring f/t feeders so your snakes get more out of each meal, digest them more efficiently, and digest them quicker. The original paper that was posted on this has since disappeared but I saved it before that happened and plan on getting in touch with the author to see about reposting it on the THN website. Either way, just a nice little “hack” to help get stubborn feeders get a leg up and breeding females get more out of each meal pre/post lay!


I’ve heard you mention it but I’ll have to give this a try with the slow growers who will only take a single meal of a certain size like young grey bands or baby corns that are straggling.


I got ahold of the original author who did the small study and I’ll have it up on the THN site as soon as I get the doc from her!

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I am going to listen to this. Thank you.

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I’ll definitely have to check paper out

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