Making Purchase Decisions and Planning Ahead

Hi forum! I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, but I really like to plan ahead, I’m trying to decide on what snake I should buy next?
I currently have breeder size 1.0 Black Pastel Banana Lesser and 0.1 Clown, as well as a hatchling 0.1 het Clown het Pied.

I figured I’d buy a male for my het Clown het Pied in a year. What would you get for her? I’m stuck between a Mahogany het Clown het Pied or a Pied het Clown.

Or I’m stuck on adding a 1.1 pair of Desert Ghosts/ het Desert Ghosts.
Am I getting ahead of myself? Trying to decide how much to save to buy my new snake(s). I’m also thinking about the odds to hit a Clown Pied vs. starting a new recessive project.

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1.0 Black Pastel Banana Lesser:

Do you want white snakes?
Yes: look at combos with other BluEL genes
No: avoid BluEL genes.

Personally I would go for a Leopard Enchi Clown and create some amazing building blocks.

0.1 Clown:

Again your going to want to spend out on a visual male clown (it will be worth every penny) topped with a few genes you like. Remembering to avoid BluEL genes, as your likely going to pair these offspring to the above offspring in the future.

0.1 Clown het Pied:

Clown Pied + anything and your in the money!


Thanks for the reply! I don’t really have anyone to talk to about breeding.
I don’t plan on any BELs currently.

My goal this season is to create Black Pastel combo hets, ideally Banana Black Pastel het Clown, to hopefully get the visual male next season. As well as keep back a Black Pastel het clown female. Then I plan to retire my Banana Black Pastel Lesser male.

I love Mahogany Clowns, so I am really leaning towards that double het Clown Pied male to put to the Black Pastel het clown and my double het female, maybe even my Clown female. Or the quicker path to visual Clown Pieds with a Pied het Clown male purchase…

I really want to add Leopard, YB, and Spotnose to the mix in the future. Not a fan of how Enchi reduces pattern in Clown, I like busy patterns, though I like what it does in Pied…

But I also feel like I should be buying more females to grow up…

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@kcs_royal_pythons I’m not a huge fan of buying hets myself. I prefer to make my own. You have a trio now what’s keeping you from using you male now to make hets? It would save you a lot of money and you can be sure your hets are :100: for sure!! Your male has 3 genes so you would get some more genes into your project. This will be longer of course but totally doable. I started with a single visual clown and made my own hets so my clown het trio I have now I produced all them. I guess it depends on your preferences sometimes longer projects give you a better sense of accomplishment. But if you want to make clowns sooner I would look into a combo not a lot of people produce. If your wanting to sell your surplus animals you produce it would help to have something that there’s not a huge amount of. Clown is one of the morphs that there are a lot produced. It’s very easy to get lost in the shuffle with animals that everyone else is producing also. Way easier to be producing something not a lot of other people are.


Thank you for your reply.

That is some solid advice.

You have come to the right place!!! Plenty of knowledgeable people on here especially about ball pythons. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or ask for opinions. Plenty of people willing to help!!! Best of luck with your clown project!!!


I’m not a huge fan of bels. But personally I don’t go out of my way to not produce them. Unless you are keeping everything you produce your going to have to sell some. Bels in my experiences always sell faster than anything and they fetch a decent price. So I look at it if 1 in 4 are bels those are animals I was just going to sell anyway. You will get to the point were you will have clutches you don’t hit on what you need for your projects. So in these instances you will be selling the whole clutch. Bels will give you a little variety and you shouldn’t have a problem selling them. Just my 2 cents and food for thought.


I love BELs and they do sell well. In the future, I would love to produce BELs and Snows as well as black ball pythons.
Right now I’m focusing on dark and contrasting animals for my collection. There are too many beautiful ball pythons and I only have so much space.

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what are you interested in, what is your budget? That should decide your direction imho. Do you want to make clowns? Do you want to create hets or visuals? Maybe you pick up a nice pied male and create double hets for your clown/pied project.

pied/clown hatchling I’d try to get a decent double het, if your budget allows you can go for pied h/clown or clown h/pied. OR make your own double het male with your clown female and a pied male.

Desert ghost changed everything for me, it just blew me away in person and I’ve been playing catch up ever since. I wish I would’ve gotten on board sooner. Now this ties right into doing what you’re interested in, the moment I saw a pastel DG I knew at that moment I needed to have one. Visual DG females have gotten quite expensive, and thats if you can even find em. They seem to sell as soon as they’re posted, but the hets are still decently priced imo.

There is also the debate of instant gratification vs long term gratification. Do you set yourself up for the long haul or do you go for broke right now?

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I would totally go for the desert ghosts. Everyone and their cousin is working with clown right now (myself included) and as much as I love it, if I could go back in time I probably would have gone desert ghost. I think it would afford you more opportunities to create new combos (and possibly some world’s firsts), and I think the demand for them is only going to continue to grow. Now’s the time to get in and start making some crosses before literally everyone has them

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1.0 pied het clown with a kicker if you can afford it. Nice thing about het makes is you can replace them the very first year with a visual just hold back your nicest visual clown male and he will be ready to go next year. You can keep the pied het clown male to use with your het pied girl and do the same thing.

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I’m really excited. My ultimate goal is to produce a Black Pastel Banana Clown and then a Clown Pied version. Now I have a list of genes I’d like to add in and I don’t want to overwhelm myself. lol. Also, I like the patience this hobby is teaching me. I think I find the long term gratification fun.

My budget is pretty small right now, about $700 max. Desert Ghost and Clown, and Clown and Pied are just so good together. It’s hard to decide what to do first.

I like the idea you all brought up about getting a nice Pied male to put to my Clown female and making a male for my double het girl.

Or maybe a Pastel Desert Ghost male to start crossing in to my Clown girl and pick up a het Desert Ghost female to grow out in the meantime?

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