Making the hatchling enclosures bio (Cresties)

So decided I want all the babies back to bio.
Now with the new enclosures I’ve had a good long think and I’ve gotten some wood to put at the front so substrate doesn’t come out. I’ve cut the wood up to the right lengths of the front of the enclosures ready for the next step! (Will be glueing the wood and adding substrate so you won’t notice it once in!


Good thinking. I have some foam stuff left over so was thinking of using that along the bottom to keep the substrate in.


I thought about foam but it would absorb any water/moisture. So I settled for wood. Touch wood will get around to finishing tomorrow for them all as setting up new racking! :crossed_fingers:t2:


Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Now that I have started the breeding process, I’m going to try to convince husband for another rack, although I have plenty of room to start with. And once I have eggs, I’m going to get the baby enclosures ready.

I’ve got some of the shoe box things already :grin: just need to buy the handles and I’m good to go.

I might start with non bioactive enclosures for the first few babies until I’m more confident and then move them up when a few weeks old


You just sneak one in… :wink:
Set it up all nice, maybe some plants? And boom he will love it… :sweat_smile:

That’s what I’ve done, but I always had bio and with these show box enclosures I chose kitchen towel. But I’ve been feeling bad since they hatch in a bio environment and on substrate, so I feel they should be staying on it!

I’ll update how the wood idea works/looks as May be good for other people too!
Going to be getting fittonia/begonia for them also, and air plants I’m thinking!


I have one set up.

I used pipe insulation to keep the substrate in and it’s holding well. I will stick it in eventually, but I thought I’d wait till I’m sure it works, then I moved a Gecko in and forgot lol

I put in a star plant and Weeping Fig cutting. I will probably change the weeping fig when it grows.

I used begonia in the adult enclosures so hopefully I will be able to take cuttings next year :crossed_fingers:


And now we wait for them to dry! Have a few more to do but it got dark :sweat_smile:


How has this worked out? I’m planning to switch my crestie babies to bio after they are a few weeks old.

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Most of the mud fell off. You’ll need to use gorilla glue.
But they sit at the front ideal! :grin:


Do you cover the back holes at all to prevent the substrate from falling through or humidity from escaping?

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I think it’s in another thread, but I use the white duct tape and just cover the bottom 2/3 rows to stop it getting out :blush:

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I only did a small amount of substrate with a small barrier at front and back of insulation pipe cut down.

Mine has been great, just don’t plant anything with deep roots.

My Crestie had an upgrade and I forgot to water the plants so one of the plants isn’t doing very well, but that’s my fault and was doing well while the gecko was in there.

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