Malagasy Cat Eyed Snake Care

There isn’t much info on this species and they aren’t exactly commonly kept. I have a fellow who I’ve cared for for a couple years now and thought I might share my knowledge on their care (from what I have found).

This species can tolerate a very wide range of temperatures. I offer mine a warm area of 90-95F and cool area in the 70s. I have used heat lamps, heat emitters, and heat tape all with success. Currently I house him in a rack system using heat tape.

In the wild they live in a wide range of humidity levels, I have offered mine a humidity hide and he seems to do fine with this.

I have noticed my guy climbing a bit but he seems to be more terrestrial. I think a mostly terrestrial setup with some branches for climbing opens works fine. I use a FB70 and he has plenty of room in it. These guys are incredible escape artists, I’ve seen him squeeze through cracks that I couldn’t even fit my pinky though. They are very good at squishing themselves flat.

Currently I use cococoir, but I have also used aspen as well as paper towels with this species no problem. I have watched mine burrow on occasion.

No special lighting is needed as they are nocturnal.

My guy was originally imported, he randomly accepts f/t rodents but often will refuse them and only accept small birds and lizards. It may just be my guy, but he will refuse any prey that is wider than his head.

This species is rear fanged, I have been bit once when he overshot the tongs and grabbed my hand. Venom affects everyone differently, for my there was an instant burning feeling as soon as he got his fangs in. I experienced little to no swelling and only slight redness. The burning feeling went away within a couple minutes but the area throbbed for about an hour. I personally have a stronger reaction to western hognose venom than malagasy cat eyed snake venom.

Every individual snake is different, this is just how my guy is. Even though I got him as a fresh import he was very docile from the beginning. The worst he has done defensively was poop on me and give me a couple irritated huffs. Other than that he is extremely easy to handle. I highly recommend using a snake hook until you know your individual and how you react to their venom.


Thanks for sharing the info! I have a young pair and have found them to be awesome, curious little guys. Everything you’ve stated is what my limited experience has shown as well.