Male ball pythons

I’ve had a male ball python who was bred in the past and has been off food for a while. Can’t get him to eat, I have been trying for months. Frozen thawed, live, rats, mice. He won’t take any. Does anyone have some advice?

Of course every situation might be different. You probably just need to wait until it sheds. I have a male that only eats for 4 months than off food the rest of the year.


I actually did wait until he shed and offered him food a couple times after that, but he’s still not taking it.

I heard some males will go off food if they’re able to smell females/ in Breeding Mode. Is that true? I do not know. But it might be a good question for more experienced people to answer in case it’s pertinent here…

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Last year I tried putting my males in a separate room and that did seem to help some


I tried doing the same. Unfortunately he’s still off food til this day

Some males tend to go off food during breeding season, it’s pretty common. If you don’t mind me asking, what is your breeding schedule like? I usually pair my males no more than 3 days a week with the other 4 off and they typically only fast for a few months at a time, though there are exceptions.

As long as you’re giving him some time away from the girls and offering food regularly he should eat again when he’s hungry. You can adjust the amount of time he gets on and off breeding or try smaller food items if you’re worried about him.

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is he close to other females ready to breed giving off breeding pheromones?

How long has he been off food for?

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I currently only have 1 female I’m breeding him with. He bred with her twice, last week and this week. I’m done breeding him for now and I’m gonna try to get him on food

He’s in a separate room as my female

I’m not sure, he’s been off since I got him. The breeder I got him from said he was off since breeding season for him.

That’s a good idea. If he already locked with her twice then he’s definitely in need of a week off, lol.

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