Male Boa Not Eating

Hello everyone, I was wondering if you would have any ideas why a 3 year old male boa constrictor would go off feed? It has been just about 3 weeks (I feed every two weeks but throw in longer periods in between) and he has refused food one week ago and tonight. The rats that I had in the freezer smelled off so I defrosted the rest of them and they all smelled which he refused so I ordered new rats and they arrived today so I tried to feed him one and yet he refused. Any help would be helpful.

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Has anything changed recently? Anything from a different temperature or new ac unit could make a difference. Even something like recent construction or new pets could cause different smells. 3 weeks is hardly any time, unless he’s losing weight then he should be just fine.


OK, I just worry because i’ve always had him on a smaller food less often feeding schedule. It’s not like he is fat, but yet very lean and muscular.

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So when do you think I should try to feed him again. Like two weeks?

I don’t think there’s a rush to feed him. Until he’s actually losing a significant amount of weight then just try feeding him according to his normal schedule.


As said 3wks is nothing. I sometimes use a fresh kill for a feeding or 2 to wake them back up to food again. Switch back to f/t is no problem especially w boas.

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