Male calico/sugar?Morph id help?

Need to see what everyone else thinks they see in this ball. I was sold this male as a calico/sugar het clown but i am pretty sure there is more going on. To me it looks like maybe some pastel in there. What is everyones opinion on him?


I do not know anything about the parents to this snake.

I’m seeing a browned out pastel enchi, I actually don’t see sugar/calico.


I have a sugar pastel het clown .Mine has much more white than you’re one ,maybe something else in you’rs ,or maybe just the difference between animals.The fact you dont have info on the parents makes makes it harder to say.Maybe someone with more experience than me can tell you for sure regards Tony

re one


Thats what i noticed is he dosent have super high white side and because of how light he is it is hard to tell if he has any random white scales to confirm it. I have looked up many pictures and some do have the lower white sides. Trying to hunt down any information from his original breeder. No luck yet.

I second this, she just looks like a pastel to me


Do you think he is a super then or just a pastel? The only way i will be able to confirm is to breed him out and see what i get i guess.

I dont see Calico at all. Pastel something. I dont think i have seen calico brown out like that either


I’d agree with others. No calico. Calico pretty much always holds it’s white sides, and doesn’t brown out with age