Male Kingsville

Another pic of my male kingsville Hercules / Hello!

Another pic of Hercules he’s had three medium rat’s this past week! For me the extra food helps them settle in now I wiil put him on a rat a week LOL

I’ve handled him few times now hes getting more comfortable and trustworthy with me for sure!

Got a good picture of him this morning hes such a chilled snake.


His coloring is so rich with browns and reds! Beautiful! :+1::blush:

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Thanks ! Yeah he’s amazing all together, he settled in first day his new home fast! he’s very active flighty but really doesn’t get to defensive.

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This is a female that I will be pairing hom with in the future when she’s ready maybe 4 years.


Wow @roy200079! She is a stunner too! She will make some gorgeous babies for sure! :heart_eyes:

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Shes here! I now have my 3 pairs of snakes complete hopefully I will be able to do some breeding in the future!


Another beauty! I know you’re excited to get started on your projects @roy200079 Roy! I’m excited for you! So we shall say:

To be continued! :pray::blush:

Here’s my big male Kingsville 6+ feet .