Male not interested in female

Hi all! I’m starting a new pair this year. My female is 40+ and an experienced breeder. She’s seriously great at the her job. But the younger male I put in her cage (has always been spastic) is not interested in her. But she’s interested in him.

Has anyone had success from situation that start like this? He’s a gorgeous red Lilly white and I’d love some babies out of him with my pretty girl. I’m just starting to worry it may not happen

Picture of my girl :heart:


Very cute girly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I paired my inexperienced male to an experienced female earlier this year. She’s a big girl too.

My male found her a little intimidating and didn’t breed first time round.

I then paired him to a smaller inexperienced female and he knew exactly what to do so it wasn’t that he wasn’t interested, I think he was just taken back by the first females size. Anyway I re-paired them about a month later and they successfully paired.

How old & what age is the male?
How did you introduce them and how long were they together?


Huh that’s interesting! I have her daughter ready to breed as well. Who is smaller then Aurora (pictured above). He’s at least 3 years old. I let my whole breeding clan sit for awhile and go dormant for a few years. But even then he’s still a bit smaller then Aurora. She’s massive but laid back and sweet. Easy to breed to also.

I’m thinking I’ll give it a few more days with Aurora. And then if still no luck I’ll try him with her daughter who is 40g but a more similar size to my male


He might just be a little nervous. He may surprise you but if he doesn’t do it this time round of definitely suggest trying again in a month or so.

Let us know how they get on :crossed_fingers:


Sounds good! Will do!

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Thank you for your help :blush:

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Still no luck, he is starting to show more interest. So fingers crossed he will catch on one day