Male or female Crestie?

I bought this gecko as a probably female and now at about 18 grams I swear I saw shiny scales and pores! Took pictures- and then second guessed myself and took more pictures. Why are they vidible in some and not in others? :sob:

Looking for additional opinions on whether or not this girl is actually a boy.


I have a female with shiny scales, the only definitive way to tell the sex is by pores and/or a bumb, the other things (overlapping scales, shine, and bigger thigh-to-tailroot ratio) are just additional traits that are more common in males. I don’t see anything i would definitively say are pores, the only “pores” i see are too far down, and the thigh-tailroot ratio seems small, so I’d still say it’s a likely female, but things could change :blush: