Male or Female redtail Boa

Hi, new to the forum and was wondering if someone can help me out with some questions?
I have a male (Hypo Sunglow) and female (Het Snow) that I’m currently breeding, she’s just started her pos. If everything goes good with this breeding what can I expect morph wise?
Also, I’m looking to purchase another boa morph, would it be better in the long run to get another male or female to introduce?
Thanks Chris

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Welcome to the community :blush:

Here is the morph calculator for Boa Constrictors… Calculator

You can enter your animals and it gives you the potential results from breeding and the odds of each egg.

Thank you eagle.

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While I don’t know too much about boas myself, I’d personally go for another female.
You can always pair that same male you have to multiple females :grin:

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