Male or female?

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Though not a close up, from that angle and distance, Female

Here are comparaison pictures I took to help people sex their hognose.


Looks female

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She looks quite distinctly female. :slight_smile: I have a long tailed female who produces maddeningly long tailed females, and over time I’ve learned it’s more about shape than length or scale count.

Females past the vent \ _ /
Males past the vent | _ |


Sorry to jump on this so late Deborah but I’ve been staring at them 2 picture feeling like a fool. Apart from the white lines in the pattern I see no difference, what specifically is it that you are looking at to determine the sex?

Sorry for constantly bombarding you with questions.

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Questions are good that’s how you learn :wink:

So you are looking at 2 things the length of the tail which is much longer in males as well as shape, which is very triangular with a wider base in females and more straight in males

Like anything else after a while you develop an eye for it.


Thank you so much. That makes sense now, there is quite a lot visually different shape-wise between them.

It’s really nice that even after all these years your still happy to help people with questions you’ve probably answered a thousand time.

Thank you :blush:

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