Many many legs

Young S. s. mutilans (Cinese Red head centipede)

Stuff of nightmares…used to creep me out until I kept them


What’s the care like for these guys? What size enclosures do they need, what do they eat (aside from crickets lol), do they need any supplemental heating?
And as always, amazing picture!

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Easy. Damp deep substrate. If it falls below 20 then can use a heat mat. Mine are about 24. They can be elusive except when hungry. I have a few diff species. They will eat any bugs, defrost pinky mice, meat, wet cat food they really like

I keep mine in plastic containers WITH LOCKING LIDS!!! they get out else


I wish that worked with me. My wife has like 25 tarantulas and I still look at them and chills run up and down my spine. I have 2 myself… I have an anxiety attack every rehousing day lol


my wife said she couldnt cope with these. She now feeds them lol. I want a vinegaroon now. I think she may leave me haha


If I ever get my dream old world T (the gooty sapphire aka Poecilotheria metallica) I know I wont look forward to rehouse day. My health is already frail and terrible and I dont need the nasty painful effects of this Ts venom ruining me for days or weeks.

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Beautiful species , it’s hard to find them though


I would really want one as one of my first inverts !


Or one of the desert species as well would be amazing for a start as well

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Centipedes look fascinating and also creepy. I heard they have quite nasty bites. Im not sure id ever own one however.


Yeah, that’s the only problem for me. As I’ve never had an invert, having a hot invert is definitely a challenge. I do love scorpions, Ts, and centipedes but I don’t have any of them due to my mother and sister being very afraid of spiders. My mom is now alright with the idea is me having many large snakes but making my sister cool with the idea of me having tarantulas and other inverts is probably not happening. We will see though lol :joy:.


I totally can relate especially when it comes to my tastes in inverts and even snakes. I have some family and friends that think its cool while some avoid my house like the plague :joy:. Im ok with not being everyone’s cup of tea, i never did swim the same direction as the school and it is what makes life so great. There are some animals id never own but im glad that their choice makes them happy after all they may think “I’d never own a black widow” differences are not a bad thing.