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Species: Ball Python
Name of Gene: Maple
First produced by whom: Corey Woods
Year First Produced: Proven Recessive 2019
Genetics Type (Incdom/Codom/Recessive/Polygenic/etc): Recessive
In complex with other genes?: Not Known
Other names/aliases for it?: None

Gene that looks similar to the Ultramel & Monarch

Maple is Darker than Ultramel
Maple is Lighter than Monarch

Appearance; What it does/looks like?

  • Head: Ball Python Head
  • Body: Ball Python Body
  • Belly: Ball Python Belly
  • Tail: Ball Python Tail

Proven Lines: None
Related Genes: None

Proven: Recessive
Unique: Ultramel people say it’s not Ultramel. Monarch people say it is not Monarch.

Problems: None
History: 2 “Maples” were randomly produced in Toronto, Ontario, Canada back in around 2009ish. One baby was dead in the egg and the other one was alive and well. The snake moved around Canada a bit but was never bred. “He” was offered to me in 2017 and it turned out to be a female. She produced eggs in 2017. In 2019 I bred one of the babies back to mom and proved the gene as recessive. Maples have been produced in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

I’m not very creative with names so I’ve called this gene “New” since I received the female in 2017. In 2021 I asked on FB/Instagram for names and Maple was one that was suggested a few times.

Disagreement or Controversy: None
References here on the community: None

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Original Female on eggs (2017,2019,2020)




Offspring produced (2019,2020,2021)

2019 (Clutch 98) Maple and 2 Pastel Maples

2020 (Clutch 82) Pastel Red Axanthic Maple & Pastel Maple

2021 (Clutch 65) Pastel Red Axanthic Maple, & Maple

2021 (Clutch 179) Pastel Maple Pied HRA, Pastel Maple HRA, Pastel Maple

2021 (Clutch 208) Pastel Maple

MorphMarket .**


Let’s get the ball rolling with this Corey :blush:

Morphpedia: Ball Pythons: Maple

Use this as your own personal diary for the trait :wink:


Another page you might be interested in adding too: Morphpedia: Ball Pythons: Het Red Axanthic


That looks incredible.

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That maple coloration is just spectacular!


It’s definitely way different then the others! It’s gorgeous.

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Does anyone know of any breeders with these in stock and what they’re going for?

Contact Cory on IG he’s the only one who has any.

Thank you everyone. I have 2 males that I will be listing for sale shorty on MorphMarket

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