Market Browser Support Limitations

As of last week, we began limiting support on the market site to the major browsers and versions from the past few years. You can see the browser types here: although we are not listing specific browser versions at this time.

That means it will no longer support browser versions more than several years old. Based on our analytics this should have affected well under 1% of our users, but if it it does affect you that means it’s time to upgrade.

Why would we do this? So we can build MorphMarket with relatively modern technology. For example, let’s say there’s a new feature available in web technology and it’s been supported by all major browsers for the past 3 years… but there are a few users who continue using IE10, which isn’t even supported by Microsoft anymore. That means our developers are unable to use that feature which 99.75% of our users could accept because of that small fraction of users, which makes the development of the site more difficult.

It requires a balance to choose when we drop support for certain browsers, to obtain new features, but this is a process that all major sites go through.

These browser might even “mostly work” on our site. But we prefer to disallow these older or uncommonly used browsers rather than have them operate in an unknown or unpredictable fashion. That means if your browser isn’t blocked by the upgrade page, then it should be fully operational, with the goal being that there are never broken browsers along with the confusion that ensues.


The site was working fine on my Amazon fire, but I’m now getting the browser not supported error so cannot do anythi my g.

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@mmaowen I’ve moved your comment into this new topic as the other one was unrelated.

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Surely it would make more sense to just put up an error message rather than block access. There are lots of browsers outside of those you have chosen which are fully supported and can make use of all features.