Market Memberships Available Worldwide

I just wanted to briefly highlight this marketplace development for our non-US friends. As of a few weeks ago, memberships and their benefits are now available worldwide, including in Europe and South Africa.

Membership unlocks about two dozen highly valuable and requested features such as:

  • Multiple Photos on Ads
  • Branding (Logo) in Store Directory
  • Faster Ad Renewals
  • Testimonials
  • Membership Badge
  • Inquire for Price

To see the full list of features only available through memberships (even in our developing markets), check out the items highlighted in blue on the pricing page. Make sure to hover over or tap items for more explanation.

Note that prices are in USD, so the actual price in say British pounds is about 80% of this.

It’s not something we’re pushing hard, just want to let folks know it’s available. LMK if you have any questions.