Market Question - Normals, Pos Hets, etc

I’m looking for some market info from the other breeders out there. When we are working our breeding projects, normals and possible hets are produced along the way. Obviously we will end up with less of these as the projects mature - breeding visuals/supers etc. but it does happen a lot in the beginning stages.

I’ve noticed that when I bring normals and possible het males (and I’m talking albino, ghost, pied, NOT sunset or puzzle or anything like that) they are flying off the table within the first hour. Some of the sales are going to customers who legitimately want a pet snake, but a lot of the sales go to vendors who do a ton of volume.

My question here is regarding the market prices for the normals and possible hets. I know how to price them in my local market so that they sell, but I am curious as to what you guys are seeing as far a prices in your local market. For clarification, I am talking about the price on the table, not a wholesale price for a dozen normal males. Thanks in advance.

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Price will depends on supply and demand as well as geographical location, local shows in NC, GA, SC usually have normal priced at about $20 retail usually poss het retail the same way most breeders just sell them as normal without disclosing they are poss hets, I take it a step further I even sell het males for common recessive mutations (albino, pied, ghost, clown) as normal.

I usually see normals and possible het males for $20-50.

Thanks to you both for the info. The prices that these animals are selling for is definitely within that range.