Market Stats and Value Tools

For years I ran the Stats program in South Africa to help breeders to determine the value of their collections and animals for sale.

  1. This allowed breeders to quickly work out what an animal is worth more or less
  2. It allowed breeders to see market trends and saturation
  3. It allowed breeders to identify rising and falling trends over the short term for certain morphs or combos

MorphMarket has a wealth of data on animals sold as well as sales cycle times from animal posting and volumes in different geographic locations.

If this data is available to members on a subscription basis, then it could help breeders to position their animal pricing better or allow buyers to identify fair value. It would also help buyers and sellers to get a feel for the relative availability of genetics and where to shop. One can also then drill into a Morph Focus report to get a better commercial understanding of say how GHI is positioned and also which recessive projects guys are getting into and where pockets of new discovery lies.


I think this is a great idea, it is a huge time sink trying to work out animal values when putting them up for sale.