Marking Snakes as Probable/Possible

So I’ve seen a few snakes marked “possible het” and whatnot, but for visual traits as well. I know we all want to be as accurate as possible but sometimes it’s just incredibly difficult to identify certain multi-gene animals even with second opinions. I was simply wondering, if one were to list snakes they were unable to identify, should they be tagged with only the (visual) genes that are certain or the genes that are certain + the possible ones? I know there are tags for pos het but I don’t want to mislead with tags for uncertain visuals.

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Personally when I create a listing I prefer to least the genes that I know are there and I can 100% identify, now if I believe their might or could be something else I will enter that in the description itself and also provide the details on the pairing and let people be the judge.


I do the same as Deborah; list the genes I absolutely know are there and then in the description I will put the pairing and what I suspect/what is also possible, given the pairing.