Massive variability of the lesser/butter - or is it something different?


Why does the Lesser/butter have so much variability? or is line breeding or it something else at play.
I see massive variation on MorphMarket . repeated in even my small collection. Whats going on? is it just lines or mo posibaly more?
Or are some misidentified?

The first picture is a lesser from

The next picture is a a butter from


I have a similar lesser below with the kind of slight variation I would expect.

But my butter pastel (which was identified here) seems very different to and there are similar just butters on MorphMarket .


Then I have this lesser pastel that is greenish which is rarer on MorphMarket and very different.

P.s All of mine are adult pictures and for the ones with pastel, I would have expected a lot of brown out…

I am confused


There is just a lot of variability… and depending on what the breeder wants deems what they keep. Here are some of mine in my collection.

These are 4 different siblings (lesser dh clown toffee)

I don’t have any other lesser/butter without other inc dom genes though.


@steelserpents thanks, that’s what I am looking for, more pictures of variants.

I like the yellow in yours, but the third to last picture of yours copied below is even more unusual. what is it?. its almost banana with age.

Still wondering why, in addition to my first possibilities, maybe because its been around for so long or het influence.

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She is a chocolate butter hypo.

I really like my lesser/butter combos, and I keep the ones I need.

Here is a pastel leo lesser clown I sold to a friend last year. and if he would have been female i would have kept him lol


Must admit, I have have got more into lessers over time.
That’s a nice clown.
Its interesting. It makes me think that the variability of the lesser is a good thing if you can match it right with the combo you are looking for.


The variability you are seeing is just polygenic influence, you see this everywhere but do not really register it. The only reason it seems so prominent in balls is because the industry has placed such a huge emphasis on the idea that even a slight difference is cause for expectations of becoming the founder of The Next Big Thing that people have convinced themselves variability does not exist in balls.


That made me laugh, I agree totally.
My comment about ‘something else in play’ was just about other known morphs that might be in them that are not identified by the seller.
Yes ‘Next Big Thing’ is exiting and tempting, but its unlikely as winning the lottery.
Personally I believe selective line breeding can produce wonderful examples over time and it has done for me in the past. I even created my own version of blood red corns over much time.
Expecting to do it only with the ‘Next Big Thing’ is very unlikely and lazy.

I intend to selectively line breed the greenish lesser version and the very white butter version in my pictures to improve those 2 versions. They both also don’t seem to darken with age as they are adults. (not to keen with the darker version for me)
I Like the greenish personally and the light butter would be good with other morphs like anatharistic. Worth the experiment.

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I would be interested in more pictures to show the variation in lessers/butters

Another of mine, darher phase (I think I have a thing for lessrs)