Maternal Incubation results

Figured I’d share my results. I let two females MI this season, both successful. I heat my snake room and use a humidifier. Ambients are 78-80* 45-50% humidity. Belly heat was available @ 86*, both females kept their eggs on the opposite end of the tub the entire period. Lowest egg surface temperature I recorded with either was 84* the highest was 88*.

  1. 2 viable eggs, 3 slugs. Viable eggs were undersized. Cut clutch on day 60. Babies emerged on day 62. One progressed normally, the other failed to thrive. I’m more inclined to blame the quality of the eggs for the result here than I am the mother.

  2. 7 eggs total. 3 crashed within a week same as I see occasionally in the incubator. The other 4 I cut on day 56 and they emerged on day 61. All 4 are thriving. I moved the probe to under her tub while she was incubating. I didn’t fasten it well and I knocked it off at one point. When I checked the room that afternoon the heat tape was running wide open. She had moved the eggs the very front of the tub and them moved herself away from them. The eggs were 86*, the back of the tub was 93*.

Here is a pic of the second MI clutch after their first shed. It was a fun lesson in humility. I wouldn’t have trusted her to incubate this clutch if I would have known I was going to hit the Axanthics.


Second clutch during incubation. The first one I didn’t expect anything out of so I didn’t keep as much track as I should have.