Maternal incubation

Maternal Incubation!
Such a rewarding experience!

Basically I leave them in the Rack they were breeding in, and just take the night drop out from the Thermostat. I make sure that the clutch itself sits on a dry ground( my girls always shovel the bedding to the side before laying, so the eggs lay directly on the tub) but I leave quite a big amount of wet moss inside to keep the humidity high enough. I have never had more than about 78% humidity but that was enough. Humidity inside the coil seemed to be higher although I never measured it.


As you know Ute I tried this method and unfortunately didn’t have the success that you had. I will 1 day try again as I have gained a lot more experience.

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I did two maternal incubations and both went well.
What happened to yours? I don’t remember.
Did you candle them in the beginning to see if they were fertile?

What I’d be interested in…do the bigger breeders do their maternal incubations as well? Once in a while, just for the pleasure for it?


We tried Maternal Incubation this year and are never going back to AI (Artificial Incubation). We arr trying to get more information out there on this method in hopes that other people try it and are successful! Always looking for like minded breeders to follow so let me know if you’d like to follow each other on social media! Our first MI clutch pipped at day 62 on 9-10-19


Sorry for your bad luck! There just isnt enough info out there which is exactly what we are trying to change!