Maybe hatching isnt for me

I say this because I guess I’m an over achiever and I love my geckos I already have… So that being said I have a fertile egg that’s at 73 days and out of no where its dented the humidity is fine the heat is fine its been getting bigger and today it has dents is something wrong with it? Or am I being paranoid? Please help I’m getting stressed out over something silly I know but I’ve already lost three eggs and don’t want to loose anymore

What species is it? What temperature were you incubating at and did you have any major temperature fluctuations in the incubator? I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve lost 4 eggs (2 leopard & 2 crested) and I’m hoping 1 crested gecko egg might hatch. Until you know it’s not going to hatch keep incubating it as if it is.

Incubate Until There’s No Debate


Leopards and no nothing has gone wrong with the temperature I have it set at 28 degrees Celsius

The temperature seems fine, do you have a picture of the egg and egg box?


I don’t see any obvious issues. It looks good, what is the humidity and hatching media in the egg box? If they’re good then I wouldn’t worry too much and there’s nothing you can do anyways. Hopefully (and likely) the egg will hatch into a healthy baby.


Its still hasn’t hatched and I’m at day 76 I believe


Have you candled?


Yes and i cant see through anymore

So should be hatching for you, can you feel movement?

Not sure and the other egg from same clutch is leaking and I was wrong I’m at 77 days

In all honesty if this was mine I would’ve cut it since it’s collapsed as may of now suffocated if he/she can’t get out themselves…

I have no clue how to do that!!!

You need to pinch the egg, and with a scalpel cut an incision, using it on its side so to not harm the gecko.

It suffocated

No! :cry:
Was s/he fully formed? If so I’d cut other one to be safe.
With cresties it’s different they don’t usually do this, but if I see yellow coming out when they pip I know somethings not ok and I will get both out and quick!

Also was the egg ‘tough’?, If so it can mean humidity is too low so they’ll be unable to get out properly themselves.
I honestly think incubating in substrate is better, we use braplast tubs with substrate in the same as the vivs and never any problems. My fat tails when they lay will also go into these too.

@ghoulishcresties had good advice and I’m sorry to hear it died. :cry: What do you think the benefits are to incubating in substrate? I would be worried about them eating some substrate after their first shed.

Yes she was fully formed humidity did drop one day and i did cut the other one but I’m not getting my hopes up unfortunately

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It keeps humidity right. And they don’t stay in there, they come out that day or the next :blush:
I’ve had hatchlings in substrate from day 1 with no issues. I’m currently using kitchen towel though with them as have a lot more than last year and it’s been easier for me to find them :sweat_smile:

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