Maybe I went a little overboard 🤪

I bought another group of hognose recently. The Het Storm Cloud and the Pink Panther stuff is what I just picked up. Which in turn is going to require me to buy at least a couple more hognose next season. Still going to need a Pink Panther male and a Storm Cloud male but I feel pretty well rounded with where I’m at now :joy:


Awesome group! Those are some nice genetics, especially the stormcloud stuff. My opinion, you can never go overboard with hognoses :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Great group of hogs! Best wishes for your future endeavors! And yeah! You can never have too many hogs! :100::sunglasses:. Even though I only have 1……. Lol!


@ghsaltie Seeing my friend’s first Storm Cloud a couple years ago really got me hooked on that project. I’m excited to see Sable with a lot of stuff, it’s a neat gene.

@caron Thank you! And you’re probably right I should just keep buying them :joy::joy: