Maybe too ambitious? Clutch page/listing [997]

So a few other topics recently got me thinking about the potential of expanding the photo database while giving breeders the option to show their reptiles off a little more and provide buyers with even more data.
Stay with me. Let’s say you’re a breeder and you’re about to start pairing. You could upload and basically create a page for each of your breeding reptiles. Then “pair” them in the database. Here’s male 1, I’ll be pairing him to females A, D, and E. Then each pair gets a paired page and if a clutch is produced you add the offspring to that page, now it’s a clutch page. You can then easily list the offspring as for sale, or keepers, or sold. All the potential genetics are right there listed, the buyer is able to see the parents, and the clutch mates (which is awesome if you’re buying a het and there is a visual clutch mate.) You’re also gathering actual genetic % data from each pairing. It could also be a tool to help breeders sell clutches before they even hit the ground, or at least be a simple way to keep and track a waiting list. Breeders could give clutch updates like first shed, meals and types of meals (one more meal until we can ship!) **You would also see earlier updates like pre-lay shed, lay date and hatch date. Hatchling pages would transfer to the buyer if the transaction is completed on MM.
Something like this could eventually create a pedigree database. Of course you would add a fee for use of something like this, and it would be difficult for bigger breeders to implement. It would also give a real visual aid to the process, so that buyers understand all the time, effort, and cost of producing a clutch.
Probably too ambitious I know, but I had to get my thoughts out here. What do the seasoned breeders think? Too much additional effort? Could the website handle that much additional data?


I think this would be a good idea however there would be a lot more that would need to be done. I also agree that bigger breeders that do this as a career wouldn’t spend the time on it along with hobbyists who wouldn’t have extra time. I don’t think the website would be able to support this big of a feature. I think the best way to go about this would be to have a seperate domain for this and then either import it into the reptile ad page or the reptile ad would have a link that leads to that.


I’d love for something like that, though I think it would definitely need its own domain. Possibly have it linked to MorphMarket where animals listed for sale have their own links, and have a link to this database in the seller’s profile as well.


I think one of the coolest aspects of something like this would be selling animals that you’ve had as breeding animals but have grown out of (maybe replaced with visuals, or just changed project direction.) You could ideally just list it as available, and interested buyers can see past pairings and offspring produced by that animal if they’ve run through the system.

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FYI, we’ll be working on parts of this soon.

Not its own domain, but we’ll add better ways to navigate so that it does’t FEEL like too much stuff crammed in.