MBK Feeding Questions

Wow, All I can say is what a Friggin shame and I feel for You. I thought My MBK got out of her tank tonight and I had 3 live pinkies so one of My 3 snakes got two pinkies, then I found My MBK hiding so I didn’t have a live pinkie for her so I thawed one out and after her sucking on the head she spit it out and went to her hide! I’m wondering what to do? Help… Nevermind She came back and ate the FT after I turned off the lights :smiley: But should I leave the light out for digestion purposes or what? Please advise!

It all depends on what are your night time temperatures are like.

You need to monitor the temperatures in the vivarium so that you know whether your snake is warm enough. If you live in Scotland, your night time temperatures will be too cold.

Is the light also her only source of heat? If so, I would recommend getting a secondary, non-light emitting source of heat, like a ceramic heat emitter or under tank heater that you can have on overnight without disrupting her natural day/night cycle.