MBK suddenly agressive

My MBK has started to get a craving for my hand, he’s not striking me but full on latching onto me. He did this for the first time in the beginning of November and has continued to do so ever since. I’ve tried feeding him rat fuzzies since that’s the biggest I can go for him but nothing has changed, any suggestions?

Also the first time he did it, I was handling him like I often did when he suddenly put his snout to my hand and then quickly latched on. My hands were sanitized as well.

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Do you have other snakes in the room you’re handling him in?


No, he is the only animal I own.


It’s entirely possible this is just your life with him now. I have a lot of Lampropeltis Getula stuff and a healthy chunk are finger chewers. Try handling the day after feeding and see if he doesn’t bite you. If so, only handle for a day or two after you’ve fed for a couple months and see if that corrects the behavior.


Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your MBK! You will surely get some assistance here!

Btw pictures are always welcome! :blush: