Me and my wife got our first potential breeding female (what do yall think?)

Me and my wife bought a young adult female banana pastel for $200. Did i get a good deal

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It’s very cheap for an animal that size (if indeed a female) and not representative of the current market.

I would definitely have it sexed. At a price of $200 there is a good chance that it is male.

its papered and probe only goes in two scales

also i forgot i payed $200 and a hatchling if she produces

Nice animal.

Female Bananas are great.

Not a fan of pastel in very many combos.

I would pair it to something dark :smiley:

Ok, I would also pop it just to make sure. Probing can be very deceiving and animals get mis sexed all the time. I once bought a lesser male and after several breeding attempts with no luck the male turned out to be female. Nothing more frustrating than trying to breed 2 animals of the same sex and not even realizing it.