Meet John Lehmann

Hey guys! I’ll awkwardly go first. My name is John Lehmann, and I’m a native to the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. I’m best known in the reptile world as being the founder/owner of

My professional background in the software industry has included leading projects at startup and research companies, providing consulting to enterprise corporations, and some people managing. My specialization is in natural language processing, which I have been able to apply in small measure to the gene parsing code in MorphMarket.

I have a lovely wife and 3 kids, who have sacrificed a lot of time for me to create the site.

Like most others here, my love for animals began early. My most memorable reptile from my teenage years was a poorly-chosen ill-tempered wild-caught retic. In recent years I have had quite a few ball pythons as well as a leopard gecko and toad.

The hobby led me to discover and join the online reptile community. That experience led to the creation of MorphMarket, a site designed to make buying and selling reptiles unconventionally easy.

Today, I’m excited to launch the MorphMarket Reptile Community to address other technological gaps in our online community. I’ve talked more about why we did it in the FAQ and elsewhere.

You can learn more about me through this recent interview I did with Deadly Tarantula Girl.


Great idea! This could be a great centralized location to hold discussions. Hopefully it turns out more useful than the multitude of warring facebook clans and factions and the drama that inevitably rises out of them. This group is better than that group, etc. Look forward to contributing here.