Meet Seal. Bel. Super Mojave

I got an Extra birthday present this year! Another early one :sweat_smile:
Blaze was from my other half as I really wanted him. Well he’s just got me this girl also, she’s around 2 :heart_eyes:
She’s a blue eyed lucy. I’m assuming super Mojave as I know they have the grey heads! Any idea on the yellow or is that also known with them? :blush:
Named her Seal as she looks like she’s got a Seal head to me. :laughing:
Working on the shed, apparently always been a pain! :woman_facepalming:t2:
Either was she’s beautiful to me :relaxed:


Maybe a super yellow belly

Not an Ivory, used to have one and she was brought as a bel. I know super Mojave just not sure on the yellow. But a good look through MM, and there’s some with some yellow :blush:

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I would agree with the super mojave assessment based off appearance alone. It is hard to determine anything underlying in a white snake especially without knowing the pairing. Yellow striping is common in super mojaves though.

I don’t believe it’s an ivory as they have black eyes, different headstamp, often a more prominent stripe, and sometimes purples coming through.

Here is a picture of my super mojave before I sold him.

And here is a picture of my ivory possible calico.


Thanking you! Glad I was right there! :sweat_smile:
She’s around 2, so when up and ready she’ll go to my Banana, have a thing for Mojave’s so was very happy to get her :blush: