Meet Splatt 💜

Daughter of Apollo, from voodoo critters also!
She’s a lovely tricolour :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Cannot wait to see her grow :yum:


She is wonderful! I wish I could get Mim to sit on my hand like that without jumping off! :lizard::wink::+1::heart_eyes:


Don’t be fooled… she got her name last night when we picked her up…
she splatted on the floor atleast 5 times when we were checking her out, and the last time she did, me and the breeder both said ‘Splatt!’ And I was like, that’s it! :sweat_smile:
And that’s how she got her name :joy:
And as taking those pics she did the same thing :woman_facepalming:t2:


Ok then I don’t feel so bad! I have had my boy for over a year and of course he’s managed to lose his little tail! He tolerates being held but when he has had enough he will nip me! Lol!

This is the only picture I have of him right now.

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He’s a cutie! :black_heart:
And noooo, not a nipper haha.
I was speaking to this breeder yesterday and she’s got a couple little buggers too! Touch wood I’ve not had any who want to hurt me yet… unless hatchlings count, but they hatch and already hate the world :sweat_smile:
I’ve only had males grab me when they smell a female and get a bit Randy :woman_facepalming:t2:


Thank you for the compliment! When he nips me I pretend it’s excruciating! :joy: lol! Makes him feel like a tough little dude! Lol!

Thank you for sharing your new little cuties! :snake::frog::lizard:


Haha I love this! Angry geckos, it’s like, hello your tiny what do you really want to accomplish lol

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Awesome. I cannot see the tricolour though. My screen is darkened given its night and sitting in with my youngest as he woke up. But I’m sure it’s there.

I have a few crazy geckos. One looks in one direction but then jumps in the other :person_facepalming: it’s hard trying to predict which direction he is going to go

Yeah in the pics it’s not showing up well on here as mm as we all know slightly dulls images. :smiling_face_with_tear:

But she’s cream too so very light 🥹

So she’ll be part of the cream tricolours, hoping to get snowflake into them all to be fair as love it :laughing:
So I’m sure she’ll be Erika girl when bigger! :heart_eyes:

This girls great. Just jumps. No thought… haha